Monday, July 16, 2007

Thinking Blogger Award... is my brain showing?

Lew Scannon has kindly picked me as one of the 5 blogs that make him think and given me a Thinking Blogger Award. Lew, I feel like we frequently have mind melds on many issues, too. Especially when we're pretty pissed off... which since BushCo slithered into office... is way too often. Now truth be told, InvisbleWmn JuBlue nabbed me a while back for this award, but I didn't get back to her... even though she makes me think plenty when I visit her place. 1.) So, I will name The Invisible Woman as one of my 5 blogs that make me think, but of course, she doesn't have to play tag along with me because she was just tagged. JuBlue can tell a story like few can, and she blends humor and wiseass-cracks with truth like no other. 2.) The next place that never ceases to amaze me is Tennessee Guerilla Women. They dish the dirt like few can... and they always nail the GOP with the Republicans' worst enemies: Reality and Facts. 3.) Diva Jood at Journeys with Jood is my 3rd pick of blogs that always makes me think. She can make me laugh, cry, and get pissed all in the course of reading only one post... and I cherish that. 4.) Enigma 4Ever at Watergate Summer... (oh yes... E is back from her rest and respite... and she is better than ever)... is my 4th pick. She is another strong mommy/blogger/ activist who is an amazing story teller and she can nail GOPers like few can with her mighty pen, and I admire that in a fellow redhead. 5.) My 5th blog choice is SheaNC at Constantly Amazed, yet Never Surprised. Shea's comments never fail to amuse me, as do his posts. I appreciate his sarcasm and biting wit, and besides... anyone who chooses Charlie Brown as their blog icon deserves a round of applause, no?
NOW... here is somethin' I've been pondering: Since BushCo is claiming "executive privilege" for everything from Harriet Miers to Pat Tillman's death coverup, can I somehow claim "spousal privilege" for EVERY ISSUE if I ever get caught up in illegal activity? Unlike The Big Dick, I do know which branch of govt I belong to and/or do not belong to, but I am married and do discuss pretty much everything with my Hubby, so could I also pull off some really illegal shit if I claimed it all fell under "spousal privilege"? Who am I kidding? Most GOPers think women are mere chattel and wouldn't believe that a husband really t-a-l-k-s to his wife, so there goes my defense... but ooooh... look-ee here: been forgotten bin Laden surfaced again! Guess the heat in BushCo's kitchen has been a wee bit too hot, eh? Time to again pop out the big bad boogeyman that we've never bothered to catch. But never fear that BushCo's clusterfucks have lead to bin Laden being free... the crack team of airline security will toss mommies and talkative toddlers off of planes if need be in these tense "terra" times.
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