Friday, July 06, 2007

Tagged... what to do.... what to do?

So... I've been tagged by Lola Heatherton. One would think that dear Lola would be waaay too busy bearing some man's child, but alas, she has tagged me :) Here are the rules about this tag, and here are 8 things about me that I'm pretty sure most of you don't know about me:
1. Although I have never ever learned how to swim (I had a horrific near drowning experience in Lake Erie) as a child, I used to pretend that I was a mermaid in the bathtub. I would keep my legs crossed to resemble a mermaid fin for my ENTIRE bath. As you can guess, my mom had to intervene at the end of my mermaid soak to... ahem... wash the nether regions... and to help me up out of our old fashioned claw-foot bathtub because after keeping my legs fused together for so long, agility was next to nil.
2. Despite all of my bitching about the Church, I am a devoted Catholic to our Blessed Mother, and my 2 most fav saints: Mary Magdalene and Jude. In fact, both of my kiddos have some kind of variation of those saints in their names.
3. When asked as a kid "what did I want to be when I grew up?" I wanted to be one of 3 things... all of which my mother informed me I could NOT be because nice girls didn't become such things: 1) A belly dancer. 2) A hockey player. 3) A flamenco dancer.
4. Before I met my husband, my mother and I lit a novena together to help allow me to end my relationship with my then REALLY bad boyfriend and to open the cosmic door to a really good man whom I could love, respect, marry and have children with. 2 weeks after lighting that candle and praying, I got hired at the place where I met my husband. 1 year (total time) after meeting, we were married. Coincidence?... or Fate??
5. I used an ovulation monitor to conceive both of my children. It took us 8 months of using the monitor to conceive BabyGirl. It took us only 1 month of using the monitor to conceive Lil Man. I was nearly 5 yrs older when I conceived him from the time when I conceived BabyGirl (just after Sept 11th). I guess that whole "your eggs are drying up as we speak after age 30" is crapola, huh? And of course, I spent the extra money to buy the 3 month supply of test sticks for the monitor because I just "knew" it would take us several months to conceive again... sigh...
6. I have never ever voted for a Republican. Even if I despise the Dem who is running against them. NEVER EVER.
7. My husband and I have "christened" every single vehicle we have owned... unless of course your name is Mike P. and you bought Hubby's 1991 Firebird off of us this spring... then... I swear we never "christened" that car. That car with the T-tops that allowed a beautiful thunderstorm be seen while... cough... ahem... we never "christened" that car.
8. My home is filled with lovely images of women, many are curvy redheads with flowing hair, and most are Victorian/ pre-Raphaelite, with a few exceptions for the breathtaking Italian master Botticelli.
Now... whom do I tag? Let's see... how about the original HeMaster Rudy, and the always lovely and incomparable NvisibleWmn.

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