Monday, June 25, 2007

BabyGirl's 5th Birthday & Cheating, Murdering Canton, Ohio Cop Kills Pregnant Mom... trust me: It somehow all ties together

Sorry I've been such an absentee blogger, but I do have my reasons. Firstly, I was busy planning, purchasing, and readying up the house for BabyGirl's 5th birthday party that took place this past Saturday. We usually have a small birthday celebration, but just as we did with her 1st b-day, we had a much bigger affair b/c let's face it: My kiddo will never be quite the same after this b-day. Why? Because she will be leaving my safety net and going to school... and bringing home all kinds of influences... good and bad. It just makes me feel so sad... and helpless. Don't get me wrong. I understand that she has to grow up and flourish and that it my job as her parent to help that process along. I just didn't think it would happen so quickly and so soon. I love my BabyGirl so much that until Lil Man was born, I didn't think I could love and want to protect anyone so fiercely. I'm afraid to let her go out into the world where I can't always protect her and keep her safe from all harm... especially when things like this are happening... in the very town I grew up in. Which leads to my second reason for not blogging: This unspeakably horrific Scott Petersonesque crime took place in the town I grew up in at the hands of 1 of the town's cops. A cop who stated that he absolutely had nothing to do w/his pregnant mistress' disappearance and that he hoped she would be found alive. Ya know... the very people who are supposed to serve and protect. My sister graduated from high school with this cheating and murdering cop. My parents watched the search-crew helipcopters fly over their township's neigborhood again and again. Why? The cheating and murdering cop lives merely 2 streets over from them. The grocery store, where the pregnant mom and her 2 yr old son were last seen and photographed at, is the same place where my parents shop weekly and where my niece works as a checkout girl. Don't get me wrong, this town has crimes and murders. But not like this. As a mom & sister, I can't even begin to think of what her family is going thru. As a woman who just gave birth 3 months ago, I can't even begin to fathom how the father of the 2 yr old son/ witness to the murder and unborn baby girl could kill the mother of his children. If he didn't want to pay for yet another child (he has at least 4 children to 3 different women) he should have kept it zipped up. When the announcement was made early Sat. evening that the murdering cop had been arrested, we were lighting BabyGirl's b-day candles and making happy wishes for one more yr. I'm sure that Jessie Davis' mom would give anything to see her daughter have another b-day or see her unborn granddaughter even HAVE a b-day. And here's another thing: Ya see, while I did not know the dead mom personally, I did know the family of one the ex-girlfriends/ baby mamas of the cheating and murdering cop, and a friend of my BFF knows the cheated-on wife of the cheating and murdering cop. These are not freaky women who could be guests on Jerry Springer... well, okay... maybe being one of the maaaany women who has a kid with Shawn Kemp does qualify for Springer, but I digress. These are, by and large, just regular middle-class women from decent upbringings who made bad decisions and got involved with this murdering cop. And that, my friends is what makes my blood run cold. My BabyGirl will be a regular middle-class girl from a decent upbringing. Will she meet a guy like that? Could she get sucked into a cheating and murdering mess like this? Will she be a tragic victim of crime? And will any of the Canton area citizens ever feel safe to call the cops in times of need when an abusive and manipulative murderer is on the force? All of this makes me want to search for a magical potion that will stunt my kiddo's growth and keep her safe... sitting on the couch... smiling next to her tiny baby brother. A tiny baby brother, who (despite suffering the indignity of being photographed in BabyGirl's pink and girlie hand-me-down bib) already loves his big sissy so much, that the mere sound of her soft litle girl voice whispering to him makes him smile like that when he's sound asleep. Aww screw it... I'm going on a hunt for a magic "stunt their growth" potion for both of 'em.
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