Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Dems on healthcare: Socialists and proud of it! Republicans on healthcare: Get sick and die, ya lousy peasants!... and PROUD of it!

Ahh yes... if Ronnie Ray-Gun was against it, it simply must be evil, no? And isn't that pix of crazy Ronnie simply classic? You have to read the April 07 Huffington post article it comes from to get the gist of it, but as you can guess, the GOP hatred of providing every American citizen with healthcare goes way back to the time when Harry Truman (yep... another Dem) proposed universal healthcare for Americans. To see more great ideas about universal healthcare, please check out Michael Moore's hour long appearance on Hardball. I Tivo'ed it, and I guess giving Moore this hour to discuss this massively critical issue kinda sorta makes up for Chris Matthews letting Ann Coulter spew her insane vomit and twitch nervously in the hot sun as she tried not to think of that itchy duct tape that holds down her dick that is taped to her thigh underneath of that dirty black dress of her's. Kinda sorta. I also watched the Dem's "YouTube" debate on CNN tonight, and by and large, the debate left me feeling proud to be a part of the party that faces REALITY and TRUTH with the FACTS most of the time. I think Hillary won (she was more than ready for every question and answered the questions completely) and how refreshing was it that there were no shameful scenes of folks raising their hands to be counted as those candidates for Prez who do not believe in evolution and/or hate gay folks? Since we're talking about universal rights for all, what about John Edwards?... who may have oh-so important "gee your hair smells terrific" hair... *yawn*... but I believe this shows that there is hope that he's evolving on the issue of gay marriage. If he were a Repuke, I'd say that kind of evolution on an issue would be as likely to happen as me seeing THIS alongside the road. Hey... speaking of vets getting nuthin but screwed (ya would have had to click on that last link to understand), how exactly are the Chickenhawks gonna explain the GOP= support for the troops when the Iraq war vets are forced to SUE the head of the VA for denying them disability pay and mental health treatment? Ummm... lemme guess: They will do what Romney has said about Katrina and shake their fingers and say: "Look America, this is why we just can't trust the govt to handle healthcare." Of course, they don't offer us a plan for healthcare other than "get sick and die, ya lousy peasants" and forget the shameful fact that the US would finally join every other first world nation by providing universal healthcare. I wanna ask these GOPers this: How come it is perfectly acceptable for Iraq to have universal healthcare as a guaranteed right according to their Constitution, yet doing so in the USA would make us... *whisper now*... socialists? Yes, wanting to better ALL of society, not just the wealthiest of society, is socialism, and I'm damned proud to support that. If you don't want ALL of America to be educated, prosper and be healthy, WTF is wrong with you? Why do you hate America and her citizenry? Besides, all of that, 60% of all health care expenditures are already being sponsored in some way, either directly or indirectly through subsidy, by the federal govt by providing benefits to all of those folks on Medicare, Medicaid, veterans, and subsidies to public hospitals and clinics. So, we working class stiffs pay thru the nose for our own insurance PLUS we pay w/our taxes for the 60% who get socialized care from the feds... YET we don't get to enjoy socialized care ourselves?? Niiice. I wish someone... anyone... on the Dems side would scream these facts from the rooftops. Maybe then, the Repuke ability to give you a Cleveland Steamer and tell ya its a gourmet lunch you should feel good about could be wiped (no pun intended) away.
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