Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Wahoo indeed! Indians beat Yankees

I know I've been awol as of late, but in addition to enduring freakishly hot as Hades temperatures in early October in N.E. Ohio, I must confess: I've been a bit preoccupied.... and I'm sure Chief Wahoo can give you a hint about what exactly has captured my attention. Yes, I know... baseball is NOT of earthshattering importance, but under BushCo's insane regime, talk about a freakin' welcome escape! And since the Cleveland Indians beat the blue striped piss outta the despicable NY Yankees, it appears that I will have plenty more to keep me captivated in the coming days as the Tribe will now advance to the American League Championship Series against the Red Sox. While I certainly hope that the Indians can pull out all the stops and take this run of good luck and talent all the way to the World Series, quite frankly, they could now lose every single game from here on out, and I'd still be dancing a jig because the really important prize was this: THEY BEAT the YANKEES!!! Suck on that NY. Go Tribe!
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