Monday, September 24, 2007

Support the striking UAW. Their fight for healthcare is OUR fight, too

As of 11:00 am EST, the United Auto Workers went on strike. Why? Negotiations for healthcare benefits for their retired workers and their family members ... (ya know... the folks who worked their asses off their entire lives and paid into the system and deserve to finally reap the rewards)... fell thru. Call me crazy... but if we had universal healthcare, this particular strike could have been avoided. So, while these pretend pro-life Repukes are out demonizing folks like unions, pro- healthcare Dems (despite the fact that the Red States would benefit the most from universal healthcare), and The American Cancer Society for daring to announce that, they, too, think that universal healthcare is necessary for Americans, think about how the Auto Workers' fight for benefits for retired members and their family members is a really a fight for all of us. And in full disclosure: I am the daughter of a United Steelworker. I am the grand-daughter of a United Ironworker and a United Steelworker. I am the niece of a United Steelworker. And I am the wife of a former Teamster. Yeah, I am the product of 100% bluecollar unionists... and I couldn't be prouder. Support unions. Their fight is our fight. UPDATE on Weds Sept 26: The strike is over, but the problem has hardly been solved. Read my rant in the comments.

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