Friday, January 18, 2008

Sorry I've been missing in action as of late.. but I just hate everything right now

No, no, no... all is well on a personal level, but I haven't read or heard one bit of news lately that makes me happy. In fact, besides my wonderful Hubby & kiddos, and cooking really yummy food, not much has made me smile recently. Of course I love you guys... but ya gotta understand: It is freezing cold and snowy here in N.E. Ohio, and the temps are expected to reach zero degrees or below this weekend, so besides snuggling up with my kids, husband, hot cocoa, delicious soups, stews, yummy breads and crackers, while watching the highly anticipated new season of Monk, WTF else is there to do? I'm beyond fed up with the media feeding frenzy of the caucuses, the ridiculous "race war' between Hillary and Obama, the latest insane ramblings of BushCo, The Huckster and The Big Greasy Mitt, Obama's "love" for Ronnie Ray-Gun, and the unspeakable long list of crimes that have recently been committed by parents/adults against children (here, here, here, here, and here... and of course, that particular kiddie raping perv is a Republican), Add to this that I've been forced to shop for a new cell phone because mine has been abused and dropped too many times while trying to pry it out of the inexplicable kung-fu like grip of my tiny Lil Man. Since I'll have to live with this new phone for the next 2 yrs, shopping for one that has all the features I desire PLUS has the toughness I require (flimsy yet pretty RAZRs and KRZRs be damned!) my quest is like shopping for an illusive Grail to lease that meets my impossible standards of "girliness and cuteness" and being made of hand forged steel. Grr.... I'm grouchy... I'm cold... I'm fed up with insane politicians and criminals... I'm currently cell-phoneless... and I'm seriously contemplating hibernation... but only if it comes with a durable yet really girlie cell phone, yummy hot cocoa, soups, stews, breads and crackers, a giant down comforter, and oh yeah... the new season of Monk.

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