Thursday, August 10, 2006

Lieberman is committing "Joeicide"

Please watch Jon Stewart's take on Loserman's refusal to accept the votes of his constituents. Jon highlights a Hannity & Colmes tape from the Lamont camp that is just hilarious. God, how I love a Hannity bitchslap. And Samantha Bee says if Joe loses in Nov, too, that he will be starting his own Senate, that he might be considering Joeicide, and Jon says something about strangling kittens in front of children in wheelchairs. Hey... speaking of Dick Cheney, here's what this unspeakably evil Repuke jackass had to say about the DEMOCRATIC voters choice and right to refuse to keep swallowing down Joe-Judas's Bush-Lite crap for yet another term: "Cheney went so far as to suggest that the ouster of Lieberman might encourage "al Qaeda types." Oh sweet Jesus! WTF? And to think, I thought that if Americans voted for John Kerry in 2004 THAT was going to encourage al Qaida types! Cheney said: "It's an unfortunate development, I think, from the standpoint of the Dem Party, to see a man like Joe pushed aside b/c of his willingness to support an aggressive posture in terms of our natl security strategy." So tossing us into an illegal, absolutely unnecessary and 100% pre-chosen war against a nation that had no connection to 9/11, had no WMDs, posed no threat to us, is now in an all out civil war, has a Shiite majority govt that is now closer than ever to the Iranian mullahs, is now a monetary and human bloodletting that is bleeding our nation's money and human resources dry IS good for natl security strategy HOW exactly, Big Dick? Cheney offered warm praise for Lieberman, who was his opponent for vice president in 2000, though he said he did not want his remarks to be construed as an endorsement of Lieberman. Cheney warmly praised Joe-- his former VP rival? Big deal. And Hitler had actually entered into a nonaggression pact w/ Stalin in 1939 before turning around and launching a massive invasion of Russia in 1941. Cheney cast Joe's loss in ominous terms, suggesting that it would hearten American terrorist enemies: "Terrorists are betting on the proposition that ultimately they can break the will of the American people in terms of our ability to stay in the fight and complete the task." Hmm... just like Bush's ability to stay in the fight and complete the task of getting Osama bin Laden? Oh... you said ability NOT FAILURE. To bloodthirtsy imperialists like Cheney, the actual threat that comes from Loserman's defeat is this: Voters are thinking for themselves and are way less likely to buy their Repuke bullshit this election. Yawn. Isn't this desperate "whipping out the fear card again" crap getting old? And besides... doesn't Big Dick have business to attend to? Like shooting someone or eating a live baby w/a side of kitten?
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