Monday, August 07, 2006

Grab the Ascension Robes! This Pastor wants to war with Iran now to bring about Rapture

Now I'm not Jewish. I'm Catholic, but if I were Jewish, crap like this would infuriate me and make me want to slap my fellow Jews right upside the head for guzzling down the sheeple Kool-Aid. The Telegraph UK has a scary article that should straighten out your short and curlies: Meet Pastor John Hagee. He desperately wants a war of that will rival The Crusades of Muslim vs Christian, and he has political friends to help him get what he wants. "His claim of political clout is no idle boast. Bush sent a message of support praising him for "spreading the hope of God's Love and the universal gift of freedom". They met several times when Bush was governor of TX." He is now also a televangelist who is the rallying voice for 1000s of Amer Christians who believe Israel is doing God's work in a "war of good versus evil". Wow. I wonder if Israel realizes they are doing the grunt work for Jesus in this war? Since Jews don't believe in Jesus, that might make their sacrifice a wee bit hollow, dontcha think? "Hagee said: "What we have done is united all of this evangelical horsepower and said, 'We're not just going to Wash, DC to stand on the grass and sing Amazing Grace. We're going into the halls of Congress to see the senators and to see the congressmen face-to-face and to speak to them about our concerns for Israel'." And Hagee appears to have plenty of political friends/ lobbyists in his holier than thou pocket: "Outside his mega-church is a facsimile "Wailing Wall". Inside on a flagpole is the Israeli flag and tributes from Israeli visitors, including PM Ehud Olmert, who came several times when he was mayor of Jerusalem. When Hagee strode on to a stage in DC last month, he was cheered to the rafters by 3500 prominent evangelicals - as well as by Israel's ambassador to the US, a former Israeli chief of staff and a host of US congressmen of both parties." There ultimate goal?: "Today, most of America's 60 million Christian evangelicals, who make up about a quarter of the US electorate and the essence of the Bush's "base", are behind Bush's pro-Israeli position and are pushing for a showdown with Iran. As many as half of those are Christian Zionists." Holy crap! Not those freaks who just want to keep the Jews around long enough to bring about The Rapture, and then once it happens, the Jewish people will be wiped out, except for a few who quickly convert. " Hagee is the head of Christians United for Israel, and in his recent book, 'Jerusalem Countdown - A Warning to the World,' he seeks a showdown between Islam and the West. "This is a religious war that Islam cannot and must not win," he writes. "The end of the world as we know it is rapidly approaching... Rejoice and be exceedingly glad the best is yet to be." Umm... do the Jews know that the "best that is yet to be" involves their complete suffering, destruction and utter disappearance? "The survival of the State of Israel is mandatory for its role as national sacrifice for Christianity, as fundamentalists perceive Christianity. Millions of Jews must die in horror in order that Christians may avoid death. To imagine that fundamentalists will ever abandon their support of the State of Israel is to imagine that these people will also symbolically sign their own death certificates." I wonder if PM Ehud Olmert has been thinking of that while leveling Lebanon? Think he'll tell the families of the dead Israeli soldiers that their blood sacrifice is helping the Christian Zionists who will someday repay the favor by gleefully watching the Jews get obliterated? And who knew the Messiah -- the Prince of Peace-- was so violent & cruel? Guess I better go here to see how I can "Survive the Rapture", huh? C'mon... even the esteemed Jon Swift (how that man is STILL alive is beyond me!) wonders if we'll have enough time to get a hair cut or a manicure before THE event.
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