Sunday, August 06, 2006

Lou Dobbs bitchslaps Sen Bob Bennett (R-UT)

Via CNN: Dobbs: Sen Bob Bennett called the economic performance of the past 5 yrs "exciting.": Bennett: The individuals are earning more, and they pay more income tax. Corporations are earning more, and they pay more income tax as a result of this growth of the economy. So to the scare people on cable tv who say, we're losing everything to the Chinese, let's recognize the real facts. Dobbs: "Sen Bennett, you need to line up your facts somewhat more closely w/ reality. Over the past 5 yrs, real wages... you know, the people who work for a living in this country, who make up the middle class, the foundation of this country? Well, those wages have declined for most workers. Job growth still lags behind historical norms of recovery. And you may not have noticed, but oil and gasoline prices happen to be at record highs and appear to be headed ever higher. College costs, prescription drug prices are far outpacing inflation. The minimum wage, which your colleagues in the Senate refuse to raise... but see nothing wrong w/ experience during the same period 8 raises of your own in your pay... is at the lowest level of buying power in a half century. Let me say that again, Senator. The min wage in this superpower is at the lowest level of purchasing power in half a century. Our current acct deficit is on track to hit a trillion dollars this yr. Our trade deficit w/ China has more than doubled over the past 5 yrs. And while you brag about the increase in those govt tax receipts, you might be wise to remember that those tax receipts are coming mainly from working men and women, not your masters in corporate America who cheer your faith-based economic policies." To quote Austin Powers when Foxy Cleopatra smacks him across the face: Ouch ka-bibble.
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