Saturday, August 05, 2006

Condi says: "There are sectarian differences in Iraq, but it is not a civil war"... err...riiight

David Gregory interviewed Condi Rice on Friday for Hardball, and I had to repeatedly pause it with TIVO b/c I was outright laughing so hard at her unbelievable LIES for answers (full MSNBC transcript here): GREGORY: But the question is, is it failing or is it succeeding? RICE: No, I do not believe that it's failing. I believe that, in fact, we are in the midst of this huge historic change. But what they don't need is to have doubt that America is committed to them in this struggle in which they find themselves. Really? I think if you were ask this Iraqi about the situation in Iraq, she'd tell you that she would like for us to pack up, stop killing her people and/or idly standing by while sectarian violence kills her people, while the clerics threaten people and repress her fellow females back to the Stone Age, and would we kindly just GTFO of Dodge. GREGORY: Is it a civil war in Iraq now? RICE: The Iraqis have sectarian differences; there's no doubt about that. GREGORY: A little bit more than sectarian differences, isn't it? RICE: No, they have sectarian differences, and some of those are violent. It's not civil war when 12.5 million people go out and vote for a govt that bridges all of the sectarian groups. It's not civil war when the Iraqis are able to then, on the basis of that vote, form a unity govt that is now trying to work both toward reconstruction and reconciliation. Oh, so THAT criteria is what keeps it from being a civil war. Has anyone told the Iraqi citizens this info? If Condi were to peruse the archived posts from 2003 from this Iraqi blog, she might see that conditions have clearly and blatantly worsened... but she has lies to tell to cover up for her bosses... so what is reality, besides a pesky reminder of your ever-deepening profound failure & your complete lack of a soul?
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