Friday, August 04, 2006

Rumsfeld: I was never optimistic about Iraq but he really needs to learn "Occupation 101"

As Rumm-Dumb reluctantly testified before Congress on Thursday, he tossed out this absolute unbelievable lie: "I was never THAT optimistic about Iraq." (Oh really? Here is ample evidence to the contrary) and Hillary put the smack down on him w/this: Clinton: "You are presiding over a failed policy. Given your track record, Sec Rumsfeld, why should we believe your assurances now?" Rumsfeld: (rubbing forehead) "My goodness. [pause] Uh..." Yeah, give it up Rummy. And while you're at it, could you please sit down with Israeli PM Olmert and watch this YouTube called "Occupation 101" ? The 2 of you might actually learn something... a lil something called history, and why occupying forces and oppressors NEVER EVER succeed and historically always fail.
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