Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Do ya mean this kind of progress, Bush?

Bush claims there is "progress" on the Israel/Lebanese war (but added there will be no ceasefire, b/c of course not, that would be REAL progress). I wonder if he means THIS kind of progress: "Israel poured up to 10,000 armored troops into S Lebanon on Tues, in an attack on the ancient city of Baalbek, about 80 miles N of Israel. One airstrike hit the village of Al Jamaliyeh. A missile hit the house of the village mayor, Hussein Jamaleddin, instantly killing his son, the mayor's brother, and 5 other relatives. Mayor Jamaleddin — who survived the raid — and his relatives were political opponents of Hezbollah. "Where is the press? Where is the media to see this massacre? Count our dead. Count our body parts," Jamaleddin told The AP by phone after the missile strike. I'm sure Israel apologized and said "Oops again!" Maybe they even apologized when they did this: "Warplanes later fired on a Lebanese army base — in Sarba, in S Lebanon — killing 3 Lebanese soldiers." How many Lebanese soldiers and army bases (which I'm sure are well marked and pointed out so they could avoid being bombed) have now been taken out "by accident"? How many innocent civilians, UN workers, & Lebanese govt buildings are hit "by accident"? What are these Israeli soldiers doing in their downtime? Hitting the Manischewitz?
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