Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Israel: Becoming the same evil that they've long claimed to deplore?

Putting the 2nd Qana massacre aside, how exactly is becoming like the evil that they claim to deplore actually benefitting Israel?: Why would they agree to a ceasefire... and then break that ceasefire while announcing that ground forces will be amped up... all in 1 day, mind you... after repeatedly declaring that Israel can't rely on ceasefires b/c the other side always breaks ceasefires? Yet the other side didn't break the ceasefire. In fact, Hezbollah fired not 1 single rocket into Israel. Yeah, I know. It makes zero sense and only serves to make Israel look untrustworthy & really, really bad (as if horrific things like this don't already make them look bad enough). So bad in fact, that Syria has put their troops on alert in preparation for an anticipated war w/Israel. There are a plethora of reasons why utterly destroying the nation of Lebanon simply makes no sense for Israeli or Amer security, but 1 thing is for certain, this will only come back to bite us all in the ass. Here's why: A) Even Lebanese Christians-- who have long held contempt towards Hezbollah-- are now so enraged that Israel has collectively punished and destroyed all of Lebanon, that they are now supporting Hezbollah. B) Israel has destroyed all of Lebanon's infrastructure: Blowing up roads to receive aid, trade and do business on, and even their environment. C) Egyptians are now calling for Israel's and the US's destruction. D) Nationalism has blinded Israel to the long-term consequences of a Lebanon campaign that is practically guaranteed to fail, no matter what level of military effort the country commits. Sure, Israel might succeed in taking out plenty of Hezbollah stockpiles and even plenty of their cannon fodder, but this will only result in bringing disaster to Israel's door (and America's since we happily handed Israel all the bombs they wanted to kill innocent Lebanese civilians & the Lebanese now think the US is only looking to screw them over) in this form: E) The assault on Lebanon will bring a surge of recruits to Hezbollah, which will now be as powerful a magnet for young Shiites as al Qaeda is for their Sunni cohorts. Tony Blair realizes it (w/a little help from his enraged Cabinet) and he realizes what position and level of danger this puts the UK in. Now if only BushCo could-- for once-- actually consider how their bloodthirsty actions put us all at risk... especially since Iraqi Shiite clerics (including the Grand Ayatollah Sistani) and the Iraqi Vice Prez are now condemning the US & Israel.
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