Tuesday, August 01, 2006

26 kidnapped+ 82 killed in Iraq in 2 days

Oh yeh, things are going great in Iraq... Bombings and shootings killed 52 people early Tuesday, including 24 who were killed on a bus. On Mon, gunmen dressed in military fatigues burst into the offices of the Iraqi-Amer Chamber of Commerce and a nearby cell phone company, seizing 26 people in a daylight raid in a mostly Shiite area of the capital. The Interior Ministry denied that the kidnappers were police — despite the uniforms — and blamed the attack on "terrorists." US officials estimate an average of 30-40 people are kidnapped each day in Iraq, although the real figure may be higher b/c few families contact the police. Security officials believe most of the ransoms end up in the hands of insurgent and militia groups. Also Monday, a millionaire businesman and his 2 sons were kidnapped, and at least 30 people were killed or found dead in sectarian violence across the country. They included 4 Iraqi soldiers killed in a suicide bombing in northern Iraq, the 1st such attack in the Kurdish-ruled province of Dahuk." Hmm, lemme get this straight: So we continue to have mass kidnappings & killings (read this about the Baghdad morgue-- if you can stomach it), and now this violence is even spreading to the Kurdish areas? We can declare it civil war WHEN exactly? Oh that's right... they have to dress up in blue & gray uniforms and someone is just gonna have to dig up Generals Lee & Grant and toss their corpses onto horses in downtown Baghdad before that happens. That is, of course, if we could even afford to pay someone in the military to dig Grant and Lee up.
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