Monday, July 31, 2006

OMG... Aborted fetus photo to fly over Cleveland

WHY? oh WHY??? A natl group that opposes abortion says it plans to fly a billboard-sized picture of an aborted fetus over Cleveland. The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform says the banner will be the most graphic picture ever displayed from the air, starting Monday. Well, for fuck's sake people, if you're going to make people's stomachs turn w/your twisted agenda, why not just make a giant inflatable fetus a la the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade variety and get it over with?... ya bunch of sick and disgusting freaks. I can hear Matt Lauer now: "And next up on the parade route we have SpongeBob and Dora, followed by Annie the Aborted Fetus. Granted folks, Annie is no fondled Santorum fetus, but still, she's mighty gruesome and dead"........... followed promptly by the anguished screams and vomiting of traumatized children .
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