Saturday, July 29, 2006

Yes indeedy... "There is something fundamentally wrong w/a war where there are more dead children then armed men."

That quote comes from Jan Egeland of the UN. After the last 2 wks of complete global insanity, there is only 1 conclusion: The world is made up of idiots. While the Middle East is in meltdown, Bush is meeting w/the cast of American Idol. While the Middle East is in meltdown, we have an angry Muslim man waltzing into a Jewish community center in Seattle and opening fire on folks. While the Middle East is in meltdown, our elected officials in the House are getting for YET ANOTHER month long vacation, and what are the soul-less Repukes doing? They are only willing to discuss raising the piddly-ass $5.15 per hr min wage IF they can attach the Paris Hilton- Estate Tax break, (despite the fact that it has already been rejected by the Senate). While the Middle East is in meltdown, at least 443 people (mostly civilians) have been confirmed killed in Lebanon -and of that number, a third are children. Lebanon's health minister put the number at as many as 600 civilians b/c they believe close to 200 dead remain buried under rubble. Since the war began, 52 Israelis have been killed, including 19 civilians. 3 were children. 2 boys, ages 4 and 8, from Nazareth, & a 15 yr old girl from Mughar. All of the children were Israeli Arabs. While the Middle East is in meltdown, Mel Gibson the Holy ("holy" simply b/c he made a movie that Bill O'Reilly & the Religious Fright loves), gets a DUI... and reportedly spews out anti-Semitic slurs. While the Middle East is in meltdown, it is uncovered that the Rev Michael Jude Fay, a Catholic priest who resigned from a church in an affluent CT community, misspent up to $1.4 million in parishioner donations to lead a life of luxury w/ another man. I will not slip into despair, though. Some people are not idiots, and I have obtained proof of that. Meet Malka Goldwasser. She is the mother of 1 of the kidnapped Israeli soldiers... and she opposes the war: At a press conference in Paris, Malka Goldwasser, the mother of captured soldier Ehud Goldwasser, appealed for peace. "I am a mother, and as a mother, I don't want war. I have 3 sons, I want to have my 3 sons at home, I want to be able to raise them, I want to have grandchildren - I simply want to have a normal life. I say no to war, and I am certain that there are many Lebanese who think the same thing. The question needs to be asked of someone else - all I am, is a mother and I don't want war." Amen, Malka Goldwasser. Amen. This mother fully agrees with you 100%. Please read my UPDATE comment in the comments section. I made some "nuance" mistakes in this post, and I really do not want anyone to misunderstand what exactly I meant or intended... sheesh... I need to write & post before 1:00am.
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