Thursday, July 27, 2006

Why Lebanon will despise us now

This is precisely why the actions of the US & Israel will only cause more loss for Israel & INCREASE hatred for the US (via Kevin Sites): "An Israeli missile obliterated an empty 7 story apt building in the city of Tyre on Weds, wounding 13 people, incl 6 children, who were living in the building next door. The target was reportedly the offices of Hezbollah's S. Lebanon commander, Sheik Nabil Kaouk. It was the 2nd missile strike in less than 3 days against the same residential neighborhood, although this one was much more powerful than the 1st. When I entered the building to see if there were other casualties, I was greeted w/ the anger and frustration that has been growing during this 2wk offensive that has killed 100s, destroyed millions of dollars of infrastructure and unraveled Lebanon's hard-won economic progress. Those inside screamed at me in Arabic to get out, tried to push my camera away, & 1 guy took a swing at me. 1 man walking amid the rubble was a doctor that I had talked to in his office earlier in the day. I asked him why he thought the building was targeted. "This is an example of American democracy," Dr. Raed Ghassan said. "This was my house. I hate America. I will fight America every day, every time." I asked him if he thought America was responsible for this, but he just walked away." Aaah yes... winning the hearts and minds every time, aren't we? B/c God knows, after watching us turn Iraq into an absolute clusterfuck bloodletting, and now our complete support of this utter leveling of Lebanon, we can afford to have another Middle Eastern nation despise us, huh?...and BushCo's freedom just march- march- marches on.
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