Wednesday, July 26, 2006

4 UN Observers killed in Lebanon

Israeli warplanes bombarded a UN post in S Lebanon on Tues, killing 4 observers in a strike that SecGen Kofi Annan termed "apparently deliberate." Why deliberate you ask? Well... The 4 UN observers -from Austria, Canada, China & Finland- had taken shelter in a bunker under the post after it was earlier shelled 14 times by Israeli artillery, and a rescue team was also shelled as it tried to clear the rubble, the UN has been operational in the border area since 1978 and is currently 2000 strong, the coordinated artillery and aerial attack took place on a long established and clearly marked UN post, and personal assurances were given by PM Olmert to Kofi Annan that UN positions would be spared Israeli fire. Israel denied their country would deliberately target a UN post and said it was under investigation. So let me get this straight: They shelled a clearly marked UN building 14 times before bombing it from the sky then continued shelling rescuers... but it was all an accident TWICE? I guess that explains why Finland's Foreign Minister called the news of the death of the Finnish and other internatl UN observers in Lebanon "truly tragic" and added: "Israel's surgical strikes seem to hit mainly everybody else than Hezbollah. 100s of civilians and internatl personnel have been killed. This is not the way to reach military goals." Could this all be a mistake? Sure. But if you read this about when Israel hit the USS Liberty in 1967 w/machine guns, torpedoes and napalm, you might not take that "it was just a mistake" and "we never use chemical weapons against people" as the gospel: "Israel used napalm during the 1967 war and in the 1980's in Lebanon. On June 8, 1967, Israel attacked the USS Liberty. 34 US soldiers were killed and 171 were wounded. Both the US and Israeli govts ruled the attack a tragic case of mistaken identity, but many survivors remain unconvinced. The Israeli forces attacked the ship with napalm, with canon fire, and with torpedoes. They did everything they could to blow up the ship; firing, for example, 5 torpedoes at the ship, 1 of which blew a 40 ft hole into the ship. This was followed by shots at the life rafts of people trying to escape the ship." Wow, and all of this happened while a giant American flag was whipping in the breeze of the ship. Read this to see how both sides lied & tried to cover up... hmm... just like they do now. I guess they smoothed things all over once they decided to launch the beginnings of the modern-day Neo-Cons (a reaction to the Great Society projects of Lyndon Johnson's presidency) and their ultimate goal: Their prized evil baby: The PNAC.
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