Sunday, July 23, 2006

Condi: "Bombs in Lebanon are like birth pangs"

Now I always knew this woman was soul-less, b/c anyone with eyes that dead and devoid of all compassion and who willingly chose to become a Republican and Bush's own token female and minority HAD to have sold her soul, but I never realized how utterly clueless and morally depraved Condi was until I read this quote: "Speaking on Saturday after meeting with members of a United Nations team that had just returned from the region, Condoleezza Rice described the plight of Lebanon as a part of the "birth pangs of a new Middle East" and said that Israel should ignore calls for a ceasefire." Now as a woman who actually endured the pangs of birth (unlike the never married/ never given birth Condi) I can say unequivocally that the bombs that are destroying the lives of 100s of Lebanese, destroying billions of dollars of buildings, belongings, and infrastructure, and possibily causing WWIII are NOT in any way, shape, or form like the pangs of birth. Yes, childbirth is incredibly difficult. Yes, childbirth is very hard work. Yes, childbirth is absolutely exhausting. But while it was the most physically exhausting 28hrs of my life, in the end, I knew that all of my hard work was as Nature intended and would result in 2 wonderful things: LIFE and LOVE. The bombs that are falling on Lebanon only bring death. The bombs that are falling on Lebanon only bring destruction. The bombs that are falling on Lebanon are NOT natural. The bombs that are falling on Lebanon may bring forth life in 1 way... they will probably bring life to the anti-Israeli/ anti-American movement with a venom previously unseen. So Condi, stop sickening us with those moronically insulting comparisons. Please do not compare a beautiful, natural, and truly pro-life experience to that which only encapsulates ugliness, hatred, and depraved indifference to all forms of life.
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