Thursday, July 20, 2006

Didja know illegal immigrants have to register for Selective Service?

Speaking of a draft... and this frightening Rolling Stone article from last yr suggests that the Pentagon has been gearing to kick the draft up, including the draft of women... didja know that illegal immigrants are elligible to be drafted? Yep, they can't stay here, but if cannon fodder is needed, suddenly they are "legal enough" (via The Selective Service site): Q: Are illegal alien males required to register? A: Yes. All immigrant alien males, other than those admitted on nonimmigrant visas, must register, whether or not they have a green card.(See also Who Must Register - Chart.)" Isn't it odd that Tom Tancredo & his ilk say that they don't want illegal immigrants to get hired but (like all good lil GOPers) they do nothing to prevent corporations & employers from hiring 1000s of illegals, and that Tancredo & his ilk say that they don't want our govt to extend any fedrl programs to illegal immigrants but the very fedrl program called The Selective Service certainly DOES includes illegals? Now I am all for limits on the number of immigrants in this nation b/c we are a nation of finite resources/ jobs, & US sovereignty demands that we control all ports/ borders, but I guess the illegal immigrants are good enough when it comes to dying for the US but simply aren't good enough when it comes to living here, huh?
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