Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Bush personally blocked Justice Dept lawyers from probe into NSA Spying

Sweet Jesus... why doesn't Bush just go ahead and anoint himself King and get it over with? (via NYTs): "Att Genrl Alberto Gonzales testified Tues that Pres Bush personally blocked Justice Dept lawyers from pursuing an internal probe of the warrantless eavesdropping program that monitors Americans' internatl calls and e-mails w/o court approval." Murray Waas says: "The statement by Gonzales stunned some senior Justice Dept officials, who were led to believe that Gonzales himself had made the decision to deny the clearances after consulting w/ intelligence agencies whose activities would be scrutinized." They were stunned? I am stunned that Abu Ghraib Gonzales ratted his master out-- NOT that his master committed the evil deed. Josh at TPM sums it up best: "In effect, this means that the Pres himself (not the Vice Pres, not David Addington, not sr advisers) believes he has the right to insulate any program he chooses from any type of review, from congressional oversight to an arcane internal audit." That statement is absolutely true, but never fear sheeple of America: The diabolical minions of the Evil Boss are still more than ready and willing to do the evil bidding of their master at the snap of a sacrificial child's limb. Let's face it: It is the least they can do for their King.
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