Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Israeli troops enter Lebanon/ Tanks enter Gaza

This news from Gaza is NOT good, and holy f-ing shit!.. this is sooo NOT good. Here's my questions: 1) Israel bombed a Lebanese military barracks and killed Lebanese soldiers. WTF? They are not Hezbollah. They're the Lebanese military. If Israel can launch a war over the kidnapping/ killing of their soldiers, doesn't Lebanon have every right now to counter- launch war against Israel? 2) If the IDF+ US military support can't defeat Hezbollah, how can the tiny, weak Lebanese army do it? If BushCo & Israel seriously expect Lebanon to pull that off, they are advocating Lebanese civil war. Then again.. I guess they (and I am referring to the PNAC here) are happy that US policy has already created 1 civil war, in Iraq, no? Oh that's right... this attack has been planned for months, targeted for summer/fall since Syria & Iran are the big door prizes on the PNAC hitlist... just in time for Nov 06 elections. At least some brave souls & cool heads see what destruction is coming down the pike for Israel and her citizens: "Anyone who is listening to talk about the need to attack Syria (in the name of "strategy") realizes that for those people, "strategy" means enlarging the circle of hostilities, including harming civilians. What Israel's "strategists" have to offer is the destruction of yet another country. Let us set aside the horrors that are being carried out in the name of all of us. It is enough to see the destruction of Iraq and its results. The Americans do not intend to live in this region, but we do live here." Amen. Cooler heads and brave souls need to prevail. Not insanity & bloodlust.
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