Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Bush.We just can't take this guy anywhere

The Middle East teeters on a cliff in an Iraqi market and car bombing, in Afghanistan as the Taliban seizes 2 towns while police flee, and in Israel and Lebanon-- as terrified westerners flee for their lives. What does our esteemed prez do? As if I needed YET ANOTHER reason to be appalled at having Bush as our leader and the man at the helm of 1 of the world's most powerful nations, we have 2 truly embarassing moments: 1) We have him rudely chawing away on a dinner roll while talking to Tony Blair non-stop (exposing the food in his gaping pie hole) while an open microphone picked up on the conversation (watch it via You Tube or read the entire exchange here via BBC) and Bush really shined as our stately leader by reportedly addressing Blair by yelling this across the room: "Yo Blair!" Watch the BBC clip of the event here b/c after showing the Bush/ Blair exchange, Baria Alamuddin, Foreign Editor of the newspaper Al Hayat, spoke to the BBC about the implications: She says that it is amazingly disheartening how lighthearted the 2 were talking while 100s of people are being injured and killed in Lebanon and Israel. The BBC newscaster says this: "Well, my mother taught me to never talk w/my mouth full." Yeah, mine too. Next up for the Embarrassment and Chief... 2) We have Bush creeepily giving German Chancellor Angela Merkel a clearly unwanted and uncomfortable back massage (video link available here). I just joked about Bush's lustful interest in Merkel (w/ a lot of help from Rory Shock's hilarious post) but now I'm seriously wondering WTF is up? Is this why Lithium Laura reportedly moved out of the WH? Oh yeah... that was supposedly due to his affair w/ Condi, or was that W's bi-sexuality? (which by the by-- no pun intended-- would be A-ok, except for that nasty lil crusade W decided to launch against gay marriage). Could W's rumored "lightness in the loafers" be why folks felt compelled to make "Bush & Blair: At the gay bar" and "Bush & Blair: Endless love"? (... And in my opinion, the "Gay Bar" video is fucking aces b/c the song rocks & b/c Bush & Blair really appear to be lip-synching the song) Aaaw c'mon... Blair just admitted he hand-picked a sweater for Bush... Oh fuggettaboutit... if Bush were gay he would never publicly let his hair look like this, he wouldn't let Laura leave the house in this outfit, (thanks Karena) & he wouldn't gab to another world leader w/a mouth full of food.
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