Thursday, July 20, 2006

Turkey May Invade Iraq??? Holy crap!!

Now I mentioned a nightmarish scenario a few wks ago when I posted about the very public rumblings by Iraqi Kurds that they were contemplating seceding from Iraq. But this news from Forbes about Turkey is a nightmare scenario times 10: "Turkish officials signaled Tues they are prepared to send the army into N. Iraq if US/ Iraqi forces do not take steps to combat Kurdish guerrillas there - a move that could put Turkey on a collision course w/ the US. Turkey is facing increasing domestic pressure to act after 15 soldiers, police and guards were killed fighting the guerrillas in S.E. Turkey in the past wk." There are so many OMFG things I could say about this, but John at Americablog sums it up best: "This is one of the nightmare scenarios that Bush was warned about, and that he ignored, when he decided to trick the American people into supporting the Iraq war. If Turkey forces us to revise our entire Iraq strategy and redeploy forces to the north to quell whatever Kurdish uprising is taking place, that will de facto hurt whatever efforts we are currently making in the rest of Iraq to quell the situation there. It's not like we have men to spare in the rest of the country. So, we either need EVEN MORE troops in Iraq now, or Bush's screw-up w/ Turkey is going to put our forces, and security, at risk everywhere else in Iraq. How many different ways can we pay a price for George Bush's incompetence? And the Republicans want the fall congressional elections to be a referendum on the Iraq war? Make my day." Make my day indeed... except the price for this game of poker will be buckets of US & Iraqi blood and there will have to be a draft.
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