Monday, June 19, 2006

What if the Kurds bail & go solo?

What if the Kurds bail on this new Americanized clusterfuck version of Iraq and decide to go solo? At Juan Cole's place, he has this: "An editorial appears in a pro- Kurdistan Democratic Party magazine: After 3 yrs of the Kurdish leaders' presence in Baghdad and their logistic, cognitive and political contribution to the reconstruction of the state of Iraq, regrettably there is no hope for a solution for the Kurdish issue within Iraq." Hmm, maybe that is why Turkey recently sent 1000s of troops to its border with Iraqi Kurdistan, amassing what is the largest buildup of Turkish soldiers along the Iraq border since 1999? Translation: NO GOOD can come of this. The US and our oh-so incompetent Bush will have to make a Solomon and the baby kind of choice: Choice 1) Turkey (our long standing allies who eyeball Kurdistan with bloodlust) or Choice 2) the Kurds (who we have supposedly "liberated" from Saddam, which in reality means we have spent billions upon billions of dollars on the insane process of destroying, maiming, and bloodletting.)
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