Thursday, June 15, 2006

House & Senate: Vote for another Raise

How nice... Hubby was told at work yesterday that his employer will be changing health insurance providers AGAIN (the 3rd time since 2004!) and that we should expect our choice of doctors to change and to pay more for the insurance (b/c the current $75 per wk is not enough, huh?) and then I read this about our lovely elected officials (or selected as the case may be): "Despite record low approval ratings, House lawmakers embraced a $3300 pay raise that will increase their salaries to $168,500. The 2% cost-of-living raise would be the 7th straight for members of the House & Senate. Lawmakers easily squelched a bid by Rep Jim Matheson, (D-UT, to get a direct vote to block the COLA, which is automatically awarded unless lawmakers vote to block it." Gee, a $3300 raise would really help out w/ our health insurance costs per yr, don't ya agree?
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