Tuesday, June 13, 2006

90% want Universal Healthcare in US

A non- partisan panel, the Citizens' Health Care Working Group, was created by Congress w/ the task of determining what Americans want from the nation's health care system, and formulating policy proposals. They found that 90% of citizens whom they met with wanted universal health benefits. You can comment and/or reccommend suggestions to the Citizens' Health Group. Please do, considering that in '02 the Institute of Medicine released the second in a series of reports investigating how the 40 million uninsured fare in our highly fragmented health care networks. Its findings were stark: "More than 18,000 adults in the USA die each yr b/c they are uninsured and can't get proper health care." So, how can Repukes possibily claim to be pro-life AND anti-universal healthcare? What is amazing is that it has been 60 yrs since Harry Truman proposed creating a universal health care system. If BushCo claims that the fedrl govt is responsible for "protecting us from outside enemies," where do they get off saying that they aren't responsible for "protecting us from death due to medical neglect" ?
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