Monday, June 12, 2006

Data Theft at NuclearAgency unreported for 9 Mos

Oh yeah... BushCo has made us soooo much safer. Thank God we've all had our civil liberties tossed into the garbage for the NSA debacle (oh right Sen Specter... we really take you seriously when you timidly threaten to subpoena the phone giants) b/c God knows that all of that phone info is as safe as milk in these incompetents' hands, just as the Active Duty & Veterans info is, no? (via NYTimes): "A computer hacker stole sensitive info on 1500 people working for the nuclear-weapons unit of the Energy Dept, but neither the theft victims nor high officials were notified for 9 mos, admin officials acknowledged on Fri at a Congressional hearing. The theft, at a Natl Nuclear Security Admin center in Albuquerque NM, involved names, Soc Sec numbers, birth dates and info on where the people worked and their security clearances." Maybe I'm an idealist, but isn't this the very thing that --by allowing the govt to have full control and ample access to spying on us-- SHOULD have prevented this hacking attack? I guess they were so busy data mining you and me and our domestic phone calls that they couldn't pay attention to protecting & securing NUCLEAR SECRETS? So, if I'm understanding this correctly, it is our own BushCo govt's negligence and indifference that puts us at risk and may cause people to be killed rather an actual enemy or terrorist? I guess that's why you don't trade liberty for security. The ACLU is about to rumble with the NSA in Detroit today over that very tradeoff of liberty for BushCo's brand of "security". Let's keep rooting for the ACLU, b/c the appeals court sided w/BushCo on wiretapping Internet phone calls and broadband transmissions. Sadly, the only one who foresaw this Security-iceberg lurking to destroy the civil liberties- Titanic and bothered to warn us was Michael Moore in Fahrenheit 9/11, when he took the time to read aloud the Patriot Act as he drove around in that ice cream truck while screaming in the bullhorn.
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