Tuesday, June 13, 2006

OH dad speaking against Ohio H.B. 288

Later today, the OH House of Reps Health Committee will be holding hearings on H.B. 228, a frightening piece of anti-abortion legislation that outlaws ALL abortions-- no exceptions at all. At 10 am, the public will be allowed to testify--and it looks like there's going to be lot of testifying on both sides. I swear, what this Ohio dad has to say about this bill could have been written by me: "This bill is unconstitutional. The Legislative Service Comm has told you that it violates a woman's right of personal privacy, and also violates a citizen's "right to travel" by making it illegal to help a woman leave OH for an abortion. The bill's supporters know it's unconstitutional. They're counting on it, hoping it'll be the mechanism to overturn Roe v. Wade and recriminalize abortions. If this bill becomes law and is upheld by the Supreme Court, it will change the lives of millions of women in the future. Some of whom have no clue in the present. Little girls like my daughter Maura. She's too busy being a 6-year-old to care about how laws can affect her medical and sexual future. That's why I'm here today. So that she doesn't have to be here herself yrs from now, asking a future Health Committee to give her back the rights she had once." Absolutely. I am doing this for myself, my daughter, my best friend, her sister, my sisters, and my nieces. I am doing this to prevent all of the women & their families who live in OH-- who will have to face this fucking trainwreck of legislation-- from having their lives impacted by lunatic theocrats. Please sign the Planned Parenthood & NARAL petitions.
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