Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Head of Iraqi Secret Police was on CIA Payroll

In case you ever thought for a second that the Iraqi govt was NOT the puppet of BushCo... I present this (via Think Progress): "Why was the head of Iraq’s secret police the only top official to retain his position when PM Maliki formed his new govt? And does it have anything to do w/ the fact that he was on the CIA’s payroll as recently as 2005? It appears to be so (via The New Republic): "The US is setting up insurance policies for enduring influence in Iraq after any reduction of forces. For instance: a man named Muhammed Shahwani. Who the hell is he? Shahwani is the head of Iraqi secret police, which is independent of the interior or defense ministries. And funny thing about that: He took his job under the Iyad Allawi interim admin, meaning he's kept his job despite 2 changes of govt. Why? Well, when last anyone checked in, it was b/c the CIA refused to turn over Shahwani's intelligence bureau to Iraq's elected Shia officials, and the CIA paid Shahwani's salary and kept funding his agency, largely out of the fear that it didn't want to turn over intelligence assets to a govt w/ ties to Iran. After a yr and yet another change of govt, Shahwani--unique among Iraqi officials--is still in place. Hmm." I'm sure BushCo will just keep him around as their CIA lapdog (just as they did w/ Saddam) until he refuses to do their bidding or fails to serve a purpose for them.

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