Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Polar Bear Cannibalism due to lack of ice

Forget the fact that by the time knuckledragging know-nothings finally get off of their science hating asses, it will be way too late to do anything about global warming, what about this? (via NYDailyNews): "Polar bears in the Beaufort Sea may be turning to cannibalism because longer seasons without ice keep them from getting to their natural food, a new study by American and Canadian scientists has found. "During 24 yrs of research on polar bears in the southern Beaufort Sea region of N. Alaska and 34 yrs in N.W. Canada, we have not seen other incidents of polar bears stalking, killing, and eating other polar bears," the scientists said." So we all get to sit back and watch an entire species of bear (which has been around at least 300,000 yrs) be wiped out b/c morons want to refute global warming? Now 1st we discover that polar bears are drowning b/c they cannot swim the huge distances that now exist due to the ice shortages, and now they are eating each other? What spew will the "global warming doesn't exist" asshats come up with for this? Polar bears are suicidal and the one cannibalizing the other is just doing the polar bear a Dr Kevorkian favor??
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