Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Rove not Indicted but the Leaker remains in WH

So, Rove the Toad is off the hook (oh he's probably guilty as sin, but off the hook nevertheless) and Bush slithers into Iraq all sneaky-like for a 5 hr visit. Big whoop-dee-doo. Ya know what? The freakin Plamegate Leaker is still somewhere in the damn WH (hopefully the Wilsons will sue the ass off of that Leaker(s) in civil court) and Iraq is still a clusterfuck. A clusterfuck which still has billions of missing money floating around somewhere. These missing billions could have been found via an audit by the Inspector General named by Congress, which would produce some kind of audit on the $9 billion, not to mention the $12 billion in cash supposedly sent to Iraq straight from the Fedrl Reserve, but Chimpy McClusterfuck "whipped up yet another 1 of those 750+ "signing statements" and neutered the audit by declaring anything to do w/ the Pentagon is a classified security issue! The GOP Congress enabled Bush all the way on this outrageous signing, essentially covering up the likely theft of the urgently needed Reconstruction Fund. But why would anyone bother to follow the money? God knows the fedrl govt is careful w/taxpayer money... especially in a time of war... cough... choke.
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