Friday, June 16, 2006

Sex Crimes Rate Jumps in Iraq

Oh yeah... this is certainly a statistic BushCo must be very proud of (via Reuters): "According to the Women's Rights Assoc (WRA), a local non govt org (NGO), there has been a massive increase in reported cases of sexual abuse in Iraq since the days of Saddam's regime. Activists say the main reasons for the increase is the marginalisation of the population, lack of security and the negative psychological effects associated with war. According to the WRA, women of all ages face abuse, while there are also cases of men and boys being raped by unidentified gangs: "Given the current insecurity, these incidents could increase if the govet doesn't take urgent measures to stop these gangs." Let's add this to the BushCo Iraqi female scorecard, shall we?: Forced hajib wearing + Sharia law + massive sexual abuse = BushCo's New Iraq. As a woman and mother of a lil girl, I am sooo proud to have contributed to this Medieval revival, aren't you?
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