Friday, June 16, 2006

Brownback: Opus Dei's Slave

Speaking of a Repuke-led Medieval revival... Want to straighten your short and curlies? I'm Catholic and it made mine stand on end. Read this about Sen Sam Brownshirt... errr... Brownback (R-KS): "When he took to the Senate floor last wk to deliver a strident push for the bigoted Marriage Protection Amendment, Brownback used a paper, called "Ten Principles on Marriage and the Public Good," to form the the foundation of his anti-gay argument. The paper, sponsored by the Witherspoon Institute at Princeton, makes a case for banning same-sex marriage altogether. So what exactly is the Witherspoon Institute? The Institute, which has only been around since 2003, has close ties to Tony Perkins & the Family Research Council , but is also tightly aligned w/ Opus Dei. Indeed, Luis Tellez, the pres of the Witherspoon Institute is also the dir and lead cleric of Opus Dei in Princeton." Great. B/c ya know, the fusion of our Govt w/ the Evangelical winguts isn't bad enough, so why the hell not bring in the God Squad from the Vatican? Why should this shock us since Brownshirt is the one who came to Congress in 1994 and refused to sign Newt Gingrich's "Contract With America" b/c he felt it wasn't conservative enough. He also is the one who was formerly an Evangelical, but converted to Catholicism by way of Opus Dei in '02 and was cheered on and sponsored in that conversion by Rick Santorum (R-PA). And to think, until now, I honestly thought that the Rolling Stone article was the scariest thing I'd ever read about him: "In his dream America, the one he believes both the Bible & the Constitution promise, the state will simply wither away. In its place will be a country so suffused w/ God and the free market that the social fabric of the last hundred years -- schools, Soc Sec, welfare -- will be privatized or simply done away with. There will be no abortions; sex will be confined to heterosexual marriage. Men will lead families, mothers will tend children, and big business and the church will take care of all." Sweet Jesus... if this freak of nature runs for Prez in 08, I guess I really need to lower my horror threshhold... or else start taking some of Limbaugh's hillbilly heroin.
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