Monday, June 19, 2006

Deja Vu? Bush did to Iran what he did to Iraq: Rebuffed all peace overtures from their leaders

Despite widespread media amnesia in regards to this HUGE BushCo blunder, Bush could have accepted Iranian peace overtures in 2003 when Pres Khatami was the Iranian president. Of course Chimpy McClusterfuck didn't do that. That would have impeded his Neo-Con bloodlust for absolute power. B/c lest we forget: The 'liberal' Khatami was elected w/ 70% of the vote in 2001, before Bush made anti-American populism a potent political bludgeon to the emerging anti-clerical movement of Iran at that time and practically handed now Iranian Pres Ahmadinejad the presidency. And if this sounds familiar and you think you've heard this same exact story before, except replace the 'N' in "Iran" with a 'Q'... no, you're not crazy. Bush did the exact same thing to Saddam, b/c when there's bloodmoney to be made, and somebody else's kid will be doing the blood spilling and dying, it's oh- so easy to be a chickenhawk.
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