Friday, July 21, 2006

100s of breastfed-only babies dehydrated

If you recall the "Breastfeed or Else" threat... err... directive we females have been given by our Health Gestapos, ya have to wonder about this from The Daily Mail UK: "100s of babies may be suffering from dehydration each wk b/c their mothers are too scared to bottle-feed them, doctors have warned. They say the 'breast is best' message has left some women reluctant to use formula even as a back-up when their babies are not feeding properly. Pediatrician Dr Ganesan Supramaniam said many hospitals treat a baby a wk for dehydration. This could mean that each wk up to 250 babies are admitted to the hospital. "It is a major problem and it is increasing. Breastfeeding is best but it is dangerous to say, 'Don't use formula at any stage'." The problem usually sets in w/in the first few days of the baby's life, w/ new moms not realizing that their baby isn't feeding properly. Unfed or underfed, the baby will eventually cry itself to sleep. When it wakes up for its next feed, it will have less energy and so will not cry for so long. After 3 or 4 failed feeds, the baby will be so tired and dehydrated it will sleep thru its feeding time - and the mother will mistake its hunger for contentment. Dr Supramaniam, who worked in the NHS for 35 yrs, said "Dehydration can cause renal failure and severe jaundice can lead to brain damage. What is not helpful is this militant attitude of breastfeeding or nothing." Now, the news that this many babies are dehydrated comes from a nation that has universal healthcare. When the US has 46 million uninsured folks, how many of those can or will take their baby to the hospital for dehydration before it is too late?
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