Thursday, July 20, 2006

Bush wants born people to suffer b/c blastocysts must be tossed in trash instead

While more than a dozen experts rip Karl Rove over his completely false and inaccurate statement that there is "far more promise from adult stem cells than from embryonic stem cells," our cowardly prez does what all cowards do: Hides behind babies... well... that would be Snowflake Babies to be completely accurate, b/c they simply couldn’t find any beloved blastocysts that could stand behind him as he signed it... although 1 Snowflake toddler did flip Bush off. (via Think Progress): "Bush vetoed his 1st piece of legislation – a stem cell research bill that “could lead to treatments that save millions of lives and improve the quality-of-life for millions more.” Apparently, he’s not too proud of it. At the WH press conference, Tony Snow announced that no press would be allowed at the signing: SnowJob: There will be no photographers, no ceremony. Q: Is there a reason why he’s not having photographers in, at least?SnowJob: B/c he doesn’t feel it’s appropriate. He’s signing a veto." Hmm... yet that didn't stop him from surrounding himself w/an entire room full of Snowflake Babies, now did it, while curiously, his "base" of wingnut Sex/Ovary/ Vagina Police were nowhere to be found? I guess they were too busy whipping up the foaming fundie masses over the rejected gay marriage bill? Or were they too occupied w/ trying to come up w/an explanation as to why there are no black Snowflake Babies?
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