Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Note to Morons: Hezbollah is NOT al Qaida

This post was written in reference to a particularly idiotic comment that was left by a blogger from SC called Tired of it All about my July 22nd post called "When children are bombed in the name of freedom, who really is freed?" There are so maaany things I could say about the comments left by this person (besides the abhorrent spelling errors) but stupidity like this really gets me: "As far as the comments about Bush get over it the Liberals lost the election, Bush is President and because he has Moral vaules unlike Your Former President and is doing something that Clinton should have done while in office. Do you recall the 26 billion dollars worth of Cruise Miss. that Clinton sent to Afghanastan to divert attention from his sex scandal? If Clinton would have taken Bin laden seriously back in the 1990's we wouldn't be in this debate today." Now, I know your head is spinning from that unbelievably moronic spew, but my post was about the horrifying situation in Lebanon. That means we are discussing Hezbollah and their leader, Sec Gen Hasan Nasrallah. Q: WTF does this have to w/ bin Laden and al Qaida? A: Absolutely nothing... unless you are a moron. Hezbollah is NOT in cahoots w/al Qaida. Hezbollah came about b/c enraged ShiitePalestinians (who fled from Israel & sought refuge in Lebanon) formed the resistance group to fight Israel & the civilian political party as part of the Shia Revolution inside Lebanon at the behest of Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini. But Hezbollah also provides hospitals, schools, clinics, and rebuilding projects to the Lebanese people, especially the poor. When was the last time you heard of Osama helping people? Bin Laden is NOT a Shiite Muslim, and al-Qaida is an internatl fundamentalist Sunni Muslim paramilitary organization comprised of independent & collaborative cells that all profess the same agenda of reducing outside influence on Islamic affairs (esp US influence but al Qaida sprung from the grassroots campaign in Afghanistan to oust Russia). Al Qaida is a rag-tag group of actual members and uneducated wanna-be's who love Wahabism (a fundie brand of Islam that has a stranglehold on Saudi Arabia and supplies the 'Koranic legitimacy' to al-Qaida kinda like how our US Christian Dominionists use the Bible) and who want to become martyrs. Besides all of these differences, Nasrallah has NO love for bin Laden, and he (unlike bin Laden) doesn't hate America and/or want to wipe us out (although since we've supplied the bombs to Israel that are killing 100s of innocent Lebanese civilians, that could change). In plain terms: Al Qaida is nothing but terrorism. Hezbollah can disarm and reshape itself in a manner similar to the disarming of the IRA and its participation in politics in N Ireland. Religious/ cultural stupidity was clearly displayed by Tired's beloved empty-headed Emperor Bush, too: "As late as 2 months before invading Iraq, Bush didn't even know that there was a difference between the 2 sects or any hostility existed between Shiia and Sunni." Now why would Bush bother engaging in a fact finding expedition before invading and occupying a foreign land? Could none of his minions do the legwork for him? Oh that's right... he would have had to know to ask the question. Christ on a cracker, no wonder Tired has a lovefest for Bush: They share the same impaired intellect and low IQs. Before you open your know-nothing mouth, try opening a book, ya jackass.
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