Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hey Bush: How's that war in Iraq working out for Iraqi Christians?

Now of course, under the tenets of ACTUAL Christianity (heck, under the tenets of every religion, yet winguts of every faith ignore that) all life, and every life, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Bhuddist, etc., has equal importance and value. But in Religious Fright world... not so much... unless of course you are a fetus... or wealthy... or both... but I digress.. As we watch the Middle East go into a meltdown, Bush still aimlessly wanders around telling people "All is well. I told ya invading Iraq was gonna work like gangbusters over there," AND ya just can't ignore facts like this: "Sunni, Shia, & Kurd may agree on little else, but all have made sport of brutalizing their Christian neighbors, 100s of whom have been slaughtered since the US invasion in Iraq. According to Iraqi estimates, between 40,000 and 100,000 have fled since 2004, many following their own road to Damascus across the Syrian border or to Jordan, while many more have been displaced w/in Iraq. As for the country that loosed the furies against them, the US refuses to provide Iraqi Christians protection of any kind." My oh my... do War Fans Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell know that? I wonder how the uber-Evangelical wingut War Fans would feel about a story like this? OR perhaps about one like this? Seems to me that Capt Clueless opened up a can of Hell of Earth for everyone in the Mid East, but it may be especially bad for those who share his own religious faith. Ya would've thought God might have warned Dubya about THAT when he was telling Bush to invade Iraq, eh?
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