Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Interstate Abortion Bill Clears Senate

WashPost: The Senate voted late yesterday to make it a crime to take a pregnant minor to another state to obtain an abortion w/o her parents' knowledge, handing a long-sought victory to the Bush admin and abortion opponents. The WH said the measure would "protect the health and safety of minors" and "protect the rights of parents to be involved in the medical decisions of their minor daughters consistent w/ the widespread belief among authorities in the field that it is the parents of a pregnant minor who are best suited to provide her counsel, guidance and support." UNLESS HER FATHER IS THE ONE WHO IMPREGNATED HER!! Opponents said the Senate measure could threaten the safety of girls, saying parents might hurt their daughters if they find out about plans for an abortion. The proponents' approach "is not to deal w/ the reality of young people" in troubled families, said Sen Dick Durbin (D-IL). (GOP and reality? What's that?) He cited the case of an Idaho man who impregnated his 13 yr old daughter and then killed her when he learned she had scheduled an abortion. And we all know that the death of that 13 yr old girl was A-okay w/the wingnuts b/c any slut who dared to force her own daddy to screw her and then dared to get rid of her fetus deserved death. In a statement, Bush said: "I appreciate the Senate's efforts to preserve the integrity of state law and protect our nation's families."... and then added this: Phew! Thank God ya'll let the "Daddy's lil slut bill" pass... we gotta count on the f-ed up incest gene pool of the GOP to fill our base and vote, and we all know how the GOP just LOVES children, right?
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