Friday, July 28, 2006

Happy Now? Al-Qaida wants to toss aside mutual hatred and join forces w/Hezbollah

W/a poster of the burning World Trade Cntr behind him, Osama bin Laden's top Lt., Ayman al-Zawahiri, appeared on tape Thurs calling on Muslims to cast aside their differences and join the fight against Israel and "rise up seeking martyrdom and attack the crusaders and Zionists." Great. Like this joining up isn't the kind of stuff nightmares are made of, huh? Good to see that completely insane Neo-Con/ completely inept BushCo"doctrine" that began w/invading Iraq is working like gangbusters, no? Not to mention the fact that we are completely telling all of our Arab allies that the US could care less as we do "too little too late for Lebanon," Arab support for Hezbollah (which had been critical of Hezbollah kidnapping those soldiers) NOW surges in wake of fighting b/c they feel Israel has gone way beyond all self defense measures, and in the middle of all this chaos is our esteemed Sec of State Condi-- tickling the ivories in SE Asia. Now, I know that Hezbollah (made up of Shiite Palestinians who fled to Lebanon) and al-Qaida (made up of fundamentalist Sunnis) do not like one another, but that could all change if enough Lebanese folks continue to feel like Israel & America are trying to eradicate them. 1 prof of Islamic studies at NYU, Bernard Haykel, said al Qaeda wants to compete w/ Hezbollah for the leadership role in the anti-Israel cause. That could be true. And methinks that al-Zawahiri wants to steal some of Hezbollah's thunder since the focus has exclusively been on them for over 2 wks now. But let's examine what exactly al-Zawahiri said: "Muslims should "rise up seeking martyrdom and attack the crusaders and Zionists." The Zionists? Well, we all know that is directed at the Israelis. But the crusaders... well, that would clearly be us westerners AND Christians (as in The Crusades-- where Christian vs Muslim took place). Lebanon has 1000s of Maronite Christians who have peacefully co-existed w/their fellow Lebanese Muslim citizens. That can't be good news for them, and if the Lebanese Muslim community turns on them, it could easily allow Lebanon to slide into a fundamentalist state. On Hardball, Tucker Carlson reported that he hopes and prays that this war does not cause Lebanon to become a hotbed for other terrorists and for Muslim fundamentalists, esp al-Qaida, and esp since so many westerners & Maronite Christians have fled and will probably never return. He said that when he stopped in his Beirut hotel giftshop, he was shocked to see boxes of condoms for sale b/c he has never since anything like that in the Mid East. He also was shocked to see a gay bar in downtown Beirut, and added, if the liberal Muslims and Christians are removed or taken over by the fundamentalists, that kind of social liberalism will all disappear. According to the Lebanese constitution, the president must be a Maronite. How long do ya think that will last if fundamentalists take over? Carlson said that you can never tell who is Christian or Muslim since most women do not cover their hair, and freely socialize w/men. I guess if al-Qaida steps in, all of that "sinful" activity will be put to a stop, huh? When Chris Matthews asked him what did he think was going on w/the Maronite Christians, Carlson said he has been told that the Maronites have been warned to not offer aid or shelter to the fleeing Muslims. He said that the Maronites have been told that they will be killed if they do so. Carlson then added this: Where in the heck are the Christian voices on this war? Yeh, why aren't they stepping in and showing Christian charity to those in need and helping the Maronites to distribute aid to their fellow Lebanese needy citizens? Do the western Christians only care about white Christians... funny, but Jesus had quite a tan, didn't he?
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