Thursday, August 03, 2006

Limbaugh, Malkin... and Rick the Idiot Troll from PA... say Lebanese pix are staged

To Rick in PA, this post is for you and all the mouth breathers and lying sacks of syphilitic pus that pollute America w/your hebetudinous verbal flotsam and jetsam: "Wingnut windbag Michelle Malkin claims that the pictures of dead civilians at Qana "appear to be posed, not spontaneous action shots of an unfolding tragedy" and she also pushes the theory that Hezbollah "destroyed the building deliberately." Surprise! Weezing wingnut windbag #2 Rush Limbaugh also claims this shit: "These photographers are obviously willing to participate in propaganda. They know exactly what's being done, all these photos, bringing the bodies out of the rubble, posing them for the cameras, it's all staged. Every bit of it is staged and the still photographers know it." Yes... it's that grand internatl conspiracy again that is always out to get... uhh... photo proof of the actions of people who openly admit to killing civilians. What do the news agencies & photographers from The AP, Reuters and Agence France-Presse, who all covered rescue operations, have to say?: "The AP said info from its photo editors showed the events were not staged, and that the time stamps could be misleading for several reasons, including that web sites can use such stamps to show when pictures are posted, not taken. An AFP exec said he was stunned to be questioned about it. Reuters, in a statement, said it categorically rejects any such suggestion. Kathleen Carroll, AP's sr vice pres and exec editor said: It's hard to imagine how someone sitting in an air-conditioned office or broadcast studio many 1000s of miles from the scene can decide what occurred on the ground with any degree of accuracy." No, Kathleen, it is not hard for these infected douchebags to do that b/c they refuse to acknowledge a lil thing we call reality. She also added: "I also know from 30 yrs of experience in this business that you can't get competitive journalists to participate in the kind of staging experience that is being described. Photographers are experienced in recognizing when someone is trying to stage something for their benefit." 30 yrs experience? Feh... Limpballs has had a cyst on his ass for 30 yrs and Malkin has had crossed eyes for 30 yrs. Patrick Baz, Mideast photo director for AFP said this: "I'm totally stunned by first the question, and I can't imagine that somebody would think something like that would have happened. Do you really think these people would risk their lives under Israeli shelling to set up a digging ceremony for dead Lebanese kids?" Well,... if I were a sick & twisted fuck like Rick in PA, Rusty Limpballs, and that Crosseyed Rodent Malkin..... sure!
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