Thursday, August 03, 2006

BIG old 9/11 lies proven to be lies in Vanity Fair

I have always known something was never ever right about the explanation we received about 9/11 (see my post here) but now Vanity Fair questions it, too (and it'll be hard to say Vanity Fair wears a tin-foil hat) PLUS they have supplied the actual NORAD tapes that you can click on while reading the article, so judge for yourself. It is PRETTY DAMNING stuff. 1) Against what evidence the 9/11 Commission collected, the tapes reveal in stark detail, parts of Col Alan Scott's and Maj Genrl Larry Arnold's testimony were misleading, and others simply false. 2) Cheney lied about giving the issuing the 9/11 "shoot it down" command. In fact, Cheney was not notified about United 93 until 10:02--only 1 min before the airliner hit the ground. So, "no one gave any orders to take action until 15 mins after the attacks ended. They were all petrified by fear, shocked into inaction. Whether it was Bush reading his frikin' Pet Goat book, or Cheney doing nothing. Yet after, they created an entire backstory to appear heroic and stoic in the face of danger, when the tapes prove they were cowards, utterly lacking in leadership, much less heroics." Wow... such strength and resolve... just as it was during Katrina, eh? The Repukes: Always strong when it comes to........ posturing, pandering, fear mongering and lying.
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