Friday, February 24, 2006

9/11 Documentary: How BushCo was Complicit

Pix courtesy of OilEmpire.
Lest we forget what happens when America is attacked, PLEASE watch this 1hr 22mins documentary from 9/11 Loose Change 2nd Edition. I've read 100s of conspiracy theories concerning 9/11, but nothing as succinct as this. It ties it all up nice and neat AND provides facts and evidence to back up every single claim... and made me wonder why exactly BushCo is pushing this UAE- Dubai port deal so hard. I think it is either b/c they sincerely want another 9/11 attack to happen to keep us all shaking w/fear like a cat shittin razorblades, and/or b/c they want to actively participate in another attack... as perhaps they did on Sept 11th (please read this-- it is yet another Dubai/ Osama connection). I believe wholeheartedly that every single citizen needs to see this documentary and rightfully question what horrors have been secretly committed by our leaders. It ain't about a tin foil hat... it is about the facts not adding up and an administration that has a history of lying about everything. Watch this and spread it far and wide... we owe it to America to do so.
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