Friday, February 24, 2006

What Rice & Bush Don't Want You to Know about the UAE- Dubai Port Deal

I could care less that this deal has been given a temporary delay (that just means they are going to spin this in over time full throttle now) b/c I firmly believe this deal reeks of greased palms, so please check out this from DelilahBoyd's Blog (via IsAmericaBurning?): Here's what Rice is saying: "Hrs before she was due in the UAE capital Abu Dhabi, Rice said the US admin had spent 3 months vetting the deal, dismissing concerns by several Congress members that it could be a threat to natl security." Here's what the Prez is saying: "Bush on Thurs sought to calm an uproar over the 6 major US ports, saying "people don't need to worry about security." Here's what a Coast Guard veteran is saying... and Rice & Bush are hoping you won't find this out.
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