Thursday, February 23, 2006

SouthDakota Passes Abortion Ban

Says it all, no? ArgusLeader: "South Dakota House Bill 1215 would ban most abortions in SD.The only exceptions made are for the life of the mother." So, in cases of rape and/or incest... too bad for you bitch. You shouldn't have allowed yourself to get raped: GOP Sen. Lee Schoenbeck objected to any exception for rape /incest. "Rape should be punished severely, but the amendment is unfair to some equally innocent souls who have no chance to stand and defend themselves." Isn't it amazing that Republicans love to allow a rapist procreate, yet make the female who has already been brutalized by the rapist suffer a further 9 months of punishment for a crime she did not commit? And keep in mind that as the NYTimes reports, only about 800 abortions take place in SD per yr: "In this state of some 770,000 people, about 800 abortions are performed each year, nearly all at one clinic in Sioux Falls. Several yrs ago, the political atmosphere in SD became such that no local doctors felt comfortable performing abortions, so doctors are now flown in from Minnesota." Repukes/ Bush seem to cherish the idea of women having baby after baby until they drop dead b/c they don't support birth control, don't support abortion, don't support the morning-after pill, and they don't support babies or their families once they're born. But they do support this perfect plan to aide in the destruction of conventional families, and it's a great way to increase crime and spiritually unwanted and unloved babies. It's Bush in all his morally bankrupt and evil brilliance once again. I just want to know when exactly will the motherfuckers who voted for this be adopting all of the deformed fetuses that need round the clock care that no one can afford? Or when will they be setting up lifelong medical care and homes for all of these unwanted babies w/severe medical problems that women are being forced to bear? Will there be a special drop off place, or are the babies expected to crawl there all by themselves? B/c God knows that their sick & twisted culture of life ends the second the baby is born.
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