Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Proof that United Arab Emerites tied to Osama/Taliban

CooperativeResearchOrg: "After the Taliban took control of the area around Kandahar, Afghanistan, prominent Persian Gulf state officials and businessmen, including high-ranking United Arab Emirates and Saudi govt ministers, frequently secretly flew into Kandahar on state and private jets for hunting expeditions. [LATimes, 11/18/01] Gen. Wayne Downing, Bush's former natl director for combating terrorism, says: "They would go out and see Osama, spend some time with him, talk with him, you know, live out in the tents, eat the simple food, engage in falconing, some other pursuits, ride horses. One noted visitor was Sheik Mohammed ibn Rashid al Maktum, UAE Defense Minister and Crown Prince for the emirate of Dubai." [MSNBC, 9/5/03] While there, some developed ties to the Taliban and al-Qaeda and give them money. Both bin Laden and Taliban leader Mullah Omar sometimes participate in these hunting trips. On 1 occasion, the US will decide not to attack bin Laden with a missile because he's falconing with important members of the UAEs' royal family. People and organizations involved: Wayne Downing, al-Qaeda, Mullah Omar- Taliban, Osama bin Laden, Sheik Mohammed ibn Rashid al Maktum, Turki bin Faisal bin Abdul Aziz al Saud- UAE." So, add the testimony of ex CIA dir George Tenet to the above info, plus this info from Sept 2004, and please tell me why we should trust them w/our port security exactly? Seems like plenty of people are not.
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