Monday, February 20, 2006

$500 Million BushCo Slushfund for Anti-Gay Initiatives

Didja know that Bush signed a special allotment for Christian-ONLY faith based initiatives? I know. It sounds like it is completely illegal per our Founding Father's explicit wishes in the Constitution. But hey... making ads that show that gay people are gay b/c they are abuse victims is incredibly expensive and this $500 million slushfund can buy a whole lot of anti-gay initiatives. Hmm... I guess that means that Mary Cheney was abused by Lynne and The Big Dick Cheney, too huh? Oh that's right, that "bad man" John Kerry was the only 1 who abused her when he referred to a Mary Cheney (who has been openly gay for over a decade and worked as the gay and lesbian liason for the Coors Corp) as an openly gay woman. Sigh... democracy please meet theocracy: "Bush's faith-based initiative also privileges Christianity above all other religions. After sifting through every grant announcement I could get my hands on from Bush's faith-based offices, I couldn't find a single grant issued to a religious charity that wasn't Christian -- no Jewish charities, no Muslim charities, nothing. And when I spoke with Jim Towey, dir of the WH Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives, he confirmed that no direct fedrl grants from his program had gone to a non-Christian religious group. This kind of religious favoritism is exactly what the Constitution's establishment clause was put in place to prevent." Yeah, this must also be why the GOP is asking for church directories and beating the anti gay-marriage drum again.
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