Friday, August 04, 2006

Min Wage/Paris Hilton Estate Tax Repeal Fails

Poor Paris... whatever will she do now? The Estate Tax repeal-- that the Repukes made certain was tied to the bill that the Dems put forth to raise the minimum wage for the first time in 10yrs-- was shot down again: "A GOP election yr effort to fuse a cut in inheritance taxes on multimilllion-dollar estates w/ the first minimum wage increase in nearly a decade was rejected by the Senate late Thurs. On a 56-42 vote, the GOP-led Senate failed to get the 60 votes needed to clear the way for final congressional passage. Earlier approved by the House of Reps, the bill would have raised the $5.15 per hr min wage to $7.25 over 3 yrs time. 4 Dems joined Repukes and voted for the bill: Sens Byrd (WV), Nelson (NE), Bill Nelson (FL) and Lincoln (AR). 2 GOPers voted against the bill: Sens Chafee (RI) and Voinovich (OH). Dems said voters will understand the Dem opposition, even though it means rejecting a higher min wage, b/c voters will see that repealing the estate tax was simply yet another giveaway to the uber-wealthy who certainly did not need it or deserve it under BushCo's more than ample tax cuts for the wealthy: "They (Repubs) could get 6.6 million Americans an increase in their basic minimum wage as long as we were willing to promise that the fattest of cats in America would get a great big bowl of tax cuts."Poor lil Paris... now she'll be headed for the poorhouse for sure! Never fear Paris... you could always try selling that porn that you make for free with your skank-ass boyfriends.
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